Vancouver Sleep Clinic (🎡)

It is always a good day when you get to listen to new Vancouver Sleep Clinic.Β  Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Tim Bettinson decided to release his music under the alias of ‘Vancouver Sleep Clinic’ as he thought his music was the kind the people could fall asleep to. If you have ever listened to any of his tracks, you will soon understand why. He has an incredibly unique voice, which, when coupled with his style and vocal treatment, gives off a sleepy vibe that reinforces the sentiment around the name ‘Vancouver Sleep Clinic’.

From humble beginnings, Tim’s music has since been featured in a number of movies and tv shows including Suits, Bones, Vampire Diaries and The Good Doctor to name a few. His latest track ‘Closure’ takes a new direction where there is clear influence from the (over popular) trap-style distorted bass BUT in this instance it’s the perfect counterpart to his soothing drawn-out vocals. 10/10 – would listen again.