The Sinner (🎥)

I randomly started watching The Sinner as it caught my attention when trawling through Metacritic for something fresh and (cue Owen Wilson). I’m going to go out on a limb and say best (new) TV show of 2017.  Jessica Biel gives a career best performance as a troubled former (apparent) junkie who randomly murders a stranger on the beach for seemingly no reason. What follows is intense series of inter-winding stories that builds and builds until critical mass is reached in the finale. With each and every episode, subtle truths are expertly revealed which, somehow, both progresses the narrative and also fuels the burning fire of uncertainty around the ‘why’.

I love the concept of the show where, rather than a ‘who-dun-it’ scenario, it’s a ‘why-dun-it’. This foundation paves the way for a plot that has more twists than a tornado. Another element I really enjoyed is the track selection. You’ll see that a fundamental part of the story is a particular song – this particular song is actually produced by Big Black Delta and its catchy as hell (listen below). I believe the show is now streaming on Netflix so do yourself a favour, block out a a few days, sit back and really sink your teeth into this modern-day masterpiece.