Murder on the Orient Express (πŸŽ₯)

Murder on the orient express -

I’d be lying if I said my initial attraction to the film wasn’t based entirely on the depth and caliber of the cast. For your reference (and my disdain for typing) I have created a gif of all the heavy hitters below. Above and beyond the cast, I really enjoyed how the director (and lead), Kenneth Branagh, brought the famous taleΒ  by Agatha Christi to life.

The plot follows a world renowned investigator who winds up on a train where a murder is committed, which, of course, he must investigate. That’s where it gets interesting. Given the story is set on a train, there is only a set number of passengers, each of which have their own backstory and alibi. As the story progresses, we skip from passenger to passenger as the cloud of mystery grows. What I really liked about this movie is the level of detail that went into each of the characters, outfits and associated back-stories.Β Without giving too much away, the story reaches boiling point soon enough and the ‘culprit’ is definitely not who you think. In my opinion, this is an easy to watch who-dun-it style murder mystery that is made even better by the deep character development and heavy-hitting cast.