First off….JK Simmons is an absolute powerhouse throughout this series. For anyone who has seen Whiplash, one of the greatest movies of 2017, you will know how captivating he is. I remember when I first saw him in Thank You for Smoking and what a treat that was.

The oversimplified plot:
I’m going to premise this attempt by saying the intricacies of Counterpart’s plot make it extremely hard to oversimplify but here goes…Howard Silk (Simmons) works as a low-ranking employee at a UN facility that, unbeknownst to Howard, houses a bridge to a parallel dimension. This alternate dimension is the result of scientific experimentation carried out by the Germans in 1987. At the time of creation, this parallel world was an exact replica of Earth and all who lived there, however, overtime, our histories diverged.

Howard’s world is turned upside down when he meets his confident, successful, overly-direct (in a way that only Simmons can be) ‘Counterpart’. This encounter opens Howard’s eyes to a reality that he is a part of whether he likes it or not. What unfolds over the coming episodes involves treason, murder, deceit, spying on a cosmic level and more twists and turns than a game of Foosball.

Why should you watch it?
Apart from JK Simmons, you will also be treated to an outstanding soundtrack that is anchored around classical strings which seem to accentuate the mood of every scene. Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing the Season 2 has been given the go-ahead.

Bottom line is you should definitely not miss this (overlooked) gem of a series.