Brad’s Status (πŸŽ₯)

Brad's Status Thumb

Brad’s Status really surprised me. After watching (part of) the trailer, it struck me as a movie I had seen 1,000 times. I can happily confirm this was not the case. I had seen the tag ‘comedy’ somewhere in regards to this movie, which was part of the reason I chose to watch, but let me tell you, this was no comedy. While it had its funny moments, the movie’s narrative revolved around a man’s mid-life crisis which was fueled by his college friends’ Β ‘success’ and the ensuingΒ  image obsession. What follows is a journey deep into the mindset of a man who has lost sight of what’s important in life, despite what’s right in front of him.

Brad’s Status serves a powerful message and is a great reality check for many. I would recommend.