Bomb City (πŸŽ₯)

Based on the actual events that transpired in Amarillo, Texas in in 1997, Bomb CityΒ tells the story of a a seemingly harmless rivalry between two groups that boils to a breaking point. Without giving too much away, many people refer to this infamous case as one of the greatest injustices to ever occur in America. Warning: if you are going to watch this,Β do not research what happened as that will take the punch away from the movie.

Interestingly, the writer and director, Jameson Brooks, actually hails from Amarillo himself. Given his proximity to the case, Brooks does an excellent job of highlighting how minorities are treated in a small, conservative town.Β  The (oversimplified) premise of this movie is essentially Jocks vs Punks but the real lesson comes when we see just how biased a jury of your peers can be based solely appearances. Disclaimer: Bomb City’s underlying message is a tough pill to swallow.