American Honey (πŸŽ₯)

American Honey -

American Honey tells the story of a troubled girl who escapes an abusive home to join a band of (equally troubled) travelling youths.Β In between heavy partying and the general rebellious teenager tom-fuckery, this group of misfits move from door to door selling both lies and magazine subscriptions.Β The plot follows Star, who, after a chance encounter with Jake (Labeouf), decides to leave her abusive provider ‘Daddy’ in the rear-view mirror. What follows is a profound journey that symbolises the importance of having a sense of belonging.

One thing I really liked about this movie is how authentic (and accurate) the exchanges are in the group scenes ie travelling in a van. They absolutely nail the ‘niggling teenage boys’ stereotype which ultimately speaks to the quality of young actors on the roster. If this isn’t enough to entice you to see this then there is also Shia Labeouf who is as charismatic as ever in his role as Jake. Bottom line is this is a great movie which didn’t receive the praise it deserved.